After School Club Leicestershire

Finding childcare is difficult nowadays. Normally these days both parents hold down jobs and have careers meaning there is no one to stay home with the kids and is a struggle to find someone to collect them after nursery or school. Here at Little Poppets, our after school club in Leicestershire provides the perfect place for your child to go until you finish work and are able to collect them. The fun, relaxed and welcoming environment created by our friendly staff will help your child have fun with other children after the school day is finished.

We will collect your child from school and take them back to our premises where they can interact with other kids and we will set up numerous games and activities to keep them enjoying themselves until you get away from work. This is beneficial as it will encourage them to become more independent and build relationships with other kids who could be in another class or possibly at a different school. They can also complete any homework they have for the following day here meaning that when they go home they have some family time or time just to relax and watch television or play on their games console.

Our after school club is open until 6pm and your child will be given a snack in order to see them through until dinner time. In addition to this we have a breakfast club available from 7;30 in the morning if you need to be in work early where your child will be provided with breakfast and then dropped off at school. This will enable you to get to work without having to stress about making breakfast you just have to get your child ready drop them off and we will do the rest.

If you are in the Leicestershire area and our after school club is something that you are interested in or if you have any queries about our after school club then please get in contact.