All-Day Nursery Leicester


Nowadays times have changed before it was that man’s job to go out and provide for his family whilst the woman stayed at home and raised the children. However, with a lot of equal opportunities for both men and women to have successful careers, this brings up one worry who is going to look after your child when you are both out working? Not to worry here at Little Poppets in Leicester our all-day nursery has you covered.

We totally understand and qualms you have about sending your child to nursery all day alone without you. However, this is a perfect opportunity to get them used to interacting with other children as well as learning new skills and having fun at the same time. This will stand them in good stead when making the jump from nursery to primary school as they will already be used to being without their parents for the day and also some of the friends they will make will be going to the same school helping them settle in and take away your worries about them making friends or building relationships.

Throughout the day your child will be doing lots of different activities both educational and fun which will enable them to develop and maybe even take up a new hobby. We are open between the hours of 7 am-6 pm so we are flexible and you can choose which slot is best to fit around your work schedule.

Our friendly team here at Little Poppets will help your child settle in and have so much fun that they won’t notice that you have left. If there are any issues we will be first to contact you. If you are in the Leicester area and would like to find out more about our all-day nursery or would like to book your child in for a slot that suits you then please do not hesitate to contact us.