Breakfast Club Leicester

Being a parent one of the main struggles is first thing in the morning. Before you go to work there are so many things you need to do. You have to get up get yourself ready, get the children up, get them ready, have breakfast and make the children breakfast and this is all before having to take them to school and then eventually hours after your day started, heading in and beginning your working day. However, if you are in the Leicester area then Little Poppets could be of great help to you. Our breakfast club is the perfect place to drop your kids off before school if you can’t avoid going to work early.

Here at our breakfast club, your child can relax and have fun before the school day begins. They will receive their breakfast so you don’t have to work about making it before you go you simply have to get you and your child up ready and out the door, we will do the rest. Before school, they can hang out with their friends from school who might go or catch up with any homework they may have with the assistance of a member of our team.

Our breakfast club opens at 7;15 am so you can drop your child off anytime after then. Once they have had their breakfast and socialized with friends or caught up on homework. Members of our team will then safely escort them to school and drop them off in the playground in time for their school day to begin. Our after school club will also be open if you can’t get away from work in time to collect your child then not to worry a member of our staff will collect them and take them back to Little Poppets where they can stay until you are finished work.

If you are in the Leicester area and feel the Breakfast Club here at Little Poppets would make a huge difference to your morning and help you get to work earlier whilst giving you a hassle-free start to the day then please do not hesitate to get in contact.