Childcare East Midlands

about6Have you been looking for a nursery that provides childcare to those in East Midlands? If the answer is yes then you should come to us. Little Poppets has been providing childcare to those who live in East Midlands since we were first established in 1989. When coming to us we have an outdoor play area available for your child to use. This will allow your child to develop their well-being, fitness and confidence. There are many ways that you can receive help towards the costs of childcare. There is currently a free nursery place which would consist of five 3 hour nursery education sessions a week.

This is typically for all children aged 3-4 years. Child tax credit, working tax credit and child care vouchers also help with the cost of childcare. Furthermore help is also made available for students, lone parents and young mothers. Meals aren’t an issue when coming to our nursery either. At our nursery we received help from a dietician to help with our menus. This has meant that all of the meals in our menus are healthy. These meals are freshly prepared and are rotated on a 5 weekly basis. Those who would like to find out more about our childcare should take a look on our website. On our website we currently have everything that you need to know about childcare. If you see something that hasn’t been covered or you are interested in getting your child enrolled in our nursery in East Midlands then all you need to do is give us a call.