Childcare Services Leicestershire


Trying to find childcare for your children can be very stressful. Unless you have family members close by who can help you take them to school or collect them then you might find yourself arriving late for work or having to take half days to make sure that your kids get to and from school safely. However, at Little Poppets┬áin Leicestershire, we provide childcare services for before and after school so that you can drop them in before work and we can collect them after school and take them back to our ‘kids klub’.

Before school, we provide a ‘breakfast klub’ here we provide your child with breakfast and give them a chance to relax and socialize with other kids before their school day. This is also beneficial for you meaning that you don’t need to worry about getting your child’s breakfast prepared on top of getting them up washed and ready for school. Simply just have them in their uniform drop them off and we will take care of the rest, give them breakfast and take them to school.

After school, our ‘kids klub’ is the ideal place for your child. Here we will collect your child from school take them back to Little Poppets where they will be able to have fun with other kids. As well as this we will also provide them with a snack to keep them going until dinner time and they can catch up with any homework so that when it is time to go home they are free to spend time doing what they like. If they have any problems with homework then our team will be there to assist them. We are open till 6 pm too which gives you plenty of time to get away from work to collect your child.

If you are in the Leicestershire area and would like to find out more about our childcare services or would like us to provide childcare for your child then please get in contact with one of our team who will be delighted to hear from you.