Children’s Nurseries Leicester

There are so many children’s nurseries in Leicester that parents can choose from for their child/children. These parents will be searching for a nursery that stands out from the rest, a nursery they will feel confident and happy leaving their child in. Our nursery, Little Poppets, has been established for many years now and has a good, strong team of staff who are dedicated to making childrens experiences of nursery enjoyable and one that they can make good memories about.

Children’s nurseries are various sizes and cater for different numbers of children in Leicester. Some are small and maybe only cover certain age groups while others are larger and take children from as young as 6 weeks right up until they are 12 years old. Our family run nursery first opened its doors in 1989 and from that moment we have helped so many children develop into confident individuals.

We provide a secure, stimulating environment that children feel safe in and every member of our staff are encouraging, helpful, caring and hardworking, with the aim of developing your child all round; emotionally, physically, socially, intelligently and educationally.

Our children’s nursery in Leicester has good facilities for your child/children to use both indoors and out as learning in different environments is very important as is fresh air and exercise. Another area we take seriously at Little Poppets Nursery is mealtimes and with this in mind we create our menus with the help of a dietician to ensure that nutritious, healthy meals are prepared for the children. All food is freshly prepared and menus are rotated on a 5 weekly basis.

The children in our care are at the centre of everything we do and because of this many parents recommend our children’s nursery in Leicester to other people that they know who are looking for an establishment for their children. Also, the fact that we are open from 7.15 am right up until 6 pm suits many parents as it helps with drops offs and pick ups around their busy routines.

We welcome people to come and have a look round our nursery with their child to see what its like. So if you are looking for a children’s nursery in Leicester and would like to come and see Little Poppets Nursery then give us a call to arrange it.