Childrens’ Nursery East Midlands

IMG_6233At our childrens’ nursery in East Midlands, we create a healthy, happy environment for all children to learn to explore and grow.

The main aims of our nursery are:

  • To provide a warm, caring atmosphere where all of the children can develop to their full potential with confidence in the company of supportive adults
  • To provide a safe, stimulating environment which will enhance the development of enthusiastic minds. The development of early learning will increase all of the children’s knowledge and understanding of the world that they live in
  • To promote social awareness, where we have respect for others regardless of their background, beliefs or circumstances
  • To help the children develop into well mannered, attentive listeners who can follow instructions but who can also develop positive attitudes, initiative, the ability to solve problems and develop independence in both their thought process and action


We plan daily activities and routines for specific age groups here at our childrens’ nursery in East Midlands. This is so that all of the children can develop their confidence and self esteem.

Playing outside will give children contact with the natural world and will offer them experiences that are completely unique to the outdoors. We provide the right physical and mental environment for every child so that they can reach their full potential. Our large outdoor area has been designed to let each child explore and grow at their own pace, providing a fun and creative environment.

We believe that it is important to establish healthy eating habits early on as it gives your child the best start in life. To try to make this possible, we give all of the children in our nursery fresh food that is nutritional and necessary for healthy physical and mental development.

Give us a call today on 0116 243 4209 to find out more about what we can offer here at our childrens’ nursery in East Midlands.