Childrens Nursery East Midlands

IMG_6311We are a childrens nursery in East Midlands who provide a warm, secure, safe and happy environment for children who are aged between 6 weeks and 12 years.

Here at our childrens nursery we encourage each child to develop to their full potential. We provide a programme of daily activities to encourage active progression in the children’s learning and development. We ensure that the children have valuable opportunities to progress in their learning and development through interaction from staff who are aware of meeting individual needs.

Our staff members are fully qualified and highly experienced when it comes to looking after children. We regularly allow our staff members to go to training days in East Midlands, this is so that they are able to uphold the high standards that we set at our nursery.

We have a large outdoor area that has play equipment for your child to use, so your child will be able to exercise and enjoy themselves during the time at our nursery.

We recognise the importance of healthy meals for your child’s behaviour and their growth which is why we have put together our menus with the help of a dietician. All of the meals that we offer are rotated on a 5 weekly basis and are freshly prepared.

We charge decent prices here at our childrens nursery and would be more than happy to discuss the fees with you.

If you live in East Midlands and would like to find out whether or not we have any spaces available for your child then just get in touch with us by giving us a call on 0116 243 4209.