Day Nurseries Near Leicester

Parents often have mixed feelings when it comes to sending their children out to be looked after outside the home. While it means that parents will receive a much-needed break, it does mean you have to let go of your kids for a couple of hours a day. Day nurseries have been proven to offer a number of benefits to children. Little Poppets is an example of a fantastic day nursery near Leicester in which your child will be able to take advantage of these benefits and get a head start when it comes to going to school.

When you send your children to Little Poppets day nursery, you are giving them the opportunity to learn through play. There are a number of organised group activities, such as; singing, making music, or time outdoors. Additionally, your child will have the opportunity to paint, draw, dress-up and take part in messy play. The range of activities on offer is guaranteed to give your child something that they will love and maybe even excel at. They are encouraged to learn through these different activities and it will give their mental and physical development a boost.

At Little Poppets day nursery, your child will be able to take part in these activities with a number of other children. They’ll be encouraged to interact with other children on a daily basis also. By interacting with children their own age and adults, they will be developing crucial social skills. This will benefit them, not just now, but throughout their entire life. At Little Poppets, we offer a structured environment for your child to learn how interaction with others can have both positive and negative consequences depending on their behaviour. We’ll encourage your child to make friends with other children and to learn the impact of sharing and getting along.

At Little Poppets, we take the time to encourage your child to try new things in the context of a meal with other children. We’ve often found that children want to try things their friends are willing to eat and vice versa. Eating in a group encourages children to eat a wider variety of items and this can be very beneficial for home life.

There are a number of great day nurseries near Leicester, but we feel that Little Poppets is definitely one of the best. We are happy to take the time to offer your child individual support, while still integrating them into a group and allowing them to develop socially. A day nursery has a number of benefits for your child when it comes to starting school too. For more information on our nursery, please feel free to contact us.