Early Learners Nursery Leicester


Are you looking to start back work but worried your child is too young to leave them? Not to worry at Little Poppets our early learners nursery in the Leicester is the perfect place for your child to have fun and learn in a warm and safe environment. We understand that leaving your child after spending every day with them is a big commitment but this will benefit your child in the long run when it comes to making the transition to primary school.

Our early learners nursery starts for children as young as only a few months and you can choose how long you would like to put them into nursery for which could be all day or just a few hours as you may only be working part-time, to begin with. Here our experienced team will be on hand with plenty of activities so that your child will have plenty of fun as well as develop new skills.

Another benefit of the early learners group is that they will be interacting and building relationships with children of their age. This is key as it will help them grow and develop as a person and some of their peers will be going on to school with them which will make it a whole lot easier to settle in. This will also make your job as a parent a whole lot easier when the time to go to school comes as they will be used to being apart from you for a part of the day therefore, you won’t have to worry about leaving them when you are at work.

Our early learners nursery is the perfect place for your child to keep growing and developing as well as learning and just being allowed to be a child and have fun. If you are in the Leicester area and are interested then please do not hesitate to get in contact.