Early Years Nursery Leicester

We are an early years nursery based in Leicester that has been caring for children since 1989.

Here at our early years nursery each child is supported and encouraged to develop at their own pace. It is our aim to build their social and academic skills as well as their confidence, we do this by providing the children with an environment that is enjoyable, fun and educational.

We have gained a respectable reputation as an early years nursery over the years, with many parents speaking highly of the level of care that we provide to their children. This level of care has also meant that many of the parents who have children with us have recommended our early years nursery to other parents who are looking for a suitable nursery in Leicester.

We also follow the government’s guidelines for “Every Child Matters.” This framework is a new approach to the well-being of children and aims for every child to have the support that they need to:

  • Be healthy
  • Stay safe
  • Enjoy and achieve
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Achieve economic well-being


Our nursery welcomes new children to come to us so if you are looking for an early years nursery to place your child then you should come and take a look at what we can offer to your child. All you need to do is give us a call, come into our nursery in Leicester or fill out our online contact form, one of our staff will then be able to discuss enrolling your child soon after.