Excellent Childcare Leicester

Choosing childcare for your child can be stressful. If you’re not used to parting your child for hours a day, it can be particularly difficult. You will want childcare providers that you can trust to not just carefully watch over your child, but help them develop. Ofsted can be useful in that regard, as they offer reports stating the performance on any given childcare provider in Leicester. Parents don’t need to look any further than Little Poppets. Our report demonstrates that we provide excellent childcare in Leicester. If you want an institution that truly cares for your child, our nursery will be perfect for you.

What makes us an excellent childcare provider in Leicester? Well, we offer children a warm and welcoming place in which to play and learn. Our staff are expertly trained in how to cater to the individual needs of children and how best to help them develop in a number of areas. The nursery is great as it bridges the gap between being at home all day and entering the world of full-time education. By offering children an introduction into a more educationally structured day, the step into school won’t be as jarring to both child and parent. They’ll have the chance to learn and interact with other children, just as they will do for the next years of their life. By getting used to socialising, they’ll find adapting to the new routine of Primary school a lot easier.

Parents can feel rest-assured that we truly provide excellent childcare in Leicester. You don’t have to just take our word for it either. Not only are our Ofsted reports accessible online, but our website also contains a number of testimonials from happy parents who left their child in our care. It’s safe to say that both parents and children are satisfied with the time spent at Little Poppets. We’ve been providing our expert childcare service for over thirty years now, so we’re well established and know how to cater to a wide range of needs.

Here at Little Poppets, we’re not just a nursery. We also provide clients with a range of other daycare services so as to help out working parents. Do you struggle to make it home in time to pick up your child from school? We have you covered. Little Poppets also run an after-school club daily. This means that you no longer have to stress about leaving work early. Your child will have a great time with us; playing with other children and completing homework assignments.

So if you’re looking for excellent childcare in Leicester, why not get in contact with Little Poppets? Our staff are dedicated to providing a top level service that will keep your child both entertained and stimulated. For more information, please feel free to get in contact.