Full-Time Nurseries in Leicester



In years gone by the idea of a husband going out to work whilst his wife stayed in the house and looked after the kids were very common, however, times have changed and with more equality in society today the chance is there for a woman to be in important high-profile jobs. This is great, although it does leave one question who will look after the kids whilst you are both at work? This is where Little Poppets come in we provide Full-Time Nursery care to families in the Leicester area.

Trying to find someone to watch the kids whilst you work all week is a difficult task with most family members or friends also working or unable to commit to watching them all week. However, at Little Poppets we can make your life a whole lot easier providing first-class childcare so you can go to work and not have to worry about the kids whilst you are focusing on your job.

Going to nursery can have a huge benefit on your children as it would get them used to being away from their parents as well as improving their social skills and helping build relationships with others making it a seamless transition when they make the jump to primary school. As well as this we can help them improve their basic numeracy and language skills and also just allowing them to be kids and making each day as enjoyable as possible for them.

If you are in the Leicester area and would like to find out more about our full-time nursery then please feel free to look at our testimonials or read our Ofcom report. If that puts your mind at ease or you have any other questions or would be interested in securing a place at our nursery then please get in contact where one of our team will be happy to help.