Full-time Nursery Care Leicester

It is 2019. Households don’t follow the same formula that was set out in the 1950s. Sure, there are still homes that feature a mum and a dad and 2.5 children, but the population now is a lot more diverse. Some homes feature one parent, some have two mums or two dads, some people may have significantly more than two children. Along with this shift in the structure of the family unit, has come a change in the lifestyles of family members. It is definitely not the case that all mums stay at home while the dad goes out to work. For single-parent families or families that feature two working parents, full-time nursery care helps out a great deal. Little Poppets offer full-time nursery care in Leicester to adapt to the needs of the ever-changing dynamics of a family.

We believe that it’s about time that the traditional view of a family was shook-up. Things can stay the same forever, and people should be free to live life the way they want to. Little Poppets provide full-time nursery care in Leicester so that parents and guardians are free to work during the day. There is a misconception that you should feel some form of guilt for opting for full-time nursery care, which we think is utterly ridiculous. Our nursery will keep your child happy and entertained throughout their time with our play-based curriculum.

It has been well documented that nursery can be of great benefit to children. Many academic journals and newspapers have documented how a nursery can positively impact their development now and into their transition into school. Our staff are well-trained to deliver a level of care and structure of learning that will allow them to safely develop socially. Research that was undertaken at Oxford University by a professor of educational psychology, Kathy Sylva, showed that children who attended a nursery went on to form better relationships at primary school. If they have been encouraged to interact with other children in a structured nursery environment, your children will find this a lot easier to replicate later on in their educational career.

Our full-time nursery in Leicester will help your child to develop social skills, muscle control, balance and basic numeracy and language skills. With so many benefits on offer for your child to take with them, the idea of feeling any form of guilt for opting for full-time nursery care is ridiculous. If you still feel anxious at the prospect, feel free to have a look at our testimonials or our Ofcom report. For any additional questions, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be delighted to help you.