Full-time Nursery Care Leicestershire

Ever feel like you’re just living for the weekends? You work through a long week, patiently waiting for those two days where you can slot in some much-needed family time. While we would all love to be able to stay at home and entertain our children, that just isn’t a possibility for most families. It’s 2019 and living is more expensive than ever. In two-parent families, it is very often the case that both parents have to work to make ends meets. Hats off to those single-parent families who don’t really have the luxury of that choice. Thankfully for all families in the East Midlands, Little Poppets offer full-time nursery care in Leicestershire. We can give your children a great start in their educational career while allowing you the time to work.

There is a horrible misconception that requiring full-time nursery care or after-school care is a failing on a parents part. This is a ridiculous notion that usually comes from an out-dated generation. It’s not the 1920s anymore; not many families can afford to live on a single income and not many families can afford an au pair or a nanny. The traditional roles in the family have shifted to accommodate a change in lifestyle in modernity and this is both a good and bad thing. Good because it’s no longer the case that you have to live your life through your kids, but bad because you spend less time with them. However, this situation can be made a whole lot easier to deal with if you have a child care team that you can trust. Our full-time nursery care in Leicestershire is one such option. Not only will we keep your child safe and happy, but we will kick start their educational journey and allow them the opportunity to develop important social skills.

The benefits of allowing your child the opportunity to go to a nursery have been well documented. Academics have noted that children who attend a full-time nursery program, have a much easier transition into primary school when the time comes. This is because they have been given the extra time to get used to the routine of leaving the home for a couple of hours to interact with new children and adults. This means that when they come to do this in school, it will be a much less foreign experience for them and significantly less intimidating. However, you don’t just have to take our word for it. Oxford University professor, Kathy Sylva, noted that children who went to nursery prior to school had an easier time forming better relationships at school. Of course, this only works if the nursery you opt for is one that cares about your child’s development. Thankfully, the staff that provide our full-time nursery care in Leicestershire are passionate about ensuring your child gets the most out of their time at nursery.

Our Ofsted report and testimonials from parents and children who have previously used our services demonstrate that our full-time nursery care in Leicestershire will allow your child the space in which to socially develop for school. Not only this, but they will also have the opportunity to develop basic numeracy skills, muscle control and basic language skills. With so many benefits on offer, feeling guilty or anxious about signing up for your child for nursery should be a thing of the past. For more information on our nursery or after-school care, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be delighted to answer any queries you may have.