Healthy Nurseries Leicester

When parents are searching for nurseries in Leicester there are many points that they may take into consideration before deciding on the one which they feel would be most beneficial to both their child and themselves. One of the things that are probably most important to a parent is whether or not the nursery adopts a healthy approach with things that they do. We are proud to say that the health and well being of your child is very important to us here at Little Poppets Nursery and there are various things that we do/have to show that we take this seriously.

Firstly we would like to point out that when producing menus for our nursery we do so with the help of a dietician to ensure that meals are nutritious so that little bodies are kept as healthy as possible. Diet can also have an effect on childrens behaviour. Our menus are rotated on a 5 weekly basis but every meal that we provide is freshly prepared for the children in our care.

Another aspect that parents may look for when searching for healthy nurseries in Leicester is whether or not there is an outdoor area which children can make good use of regularly. We are proud to say that we have large outdoor areas at our premises and fantastic gardens which every child can take advantage of. The equipment which we provide in our outdoor area is designed to help childrens physical well being, co ordination, confidence and fitness. Children are also encouraged to investigate and explore the outdoor area as this helps with curiosity and learning.

Our staff are all dedicated, caring and hard working. They plan daily activities to carry out with the children in their care to help them to develop in different areas.

So, if you are looking for healthy nurseries in Leicester for your child then why not arrange to come and have a look around Little Poppets Nursery.