Holiday Childcare East Midlands

Finding childcare for the school holidays is one of the most difficult parts of being a working parent. Especially in the Summer when schools are off for around 6 weeks. You might have family or friends who can help out for short periods of time but the chances of someone being able to look after your child for the full 6 weeks are slim. Here at Little Poppets, we can ease the burden of finding childcare due to our holiday childcare service we provide for families in the East Midlands.

Here at Little Poppets, we create a safe, friendly, and fun environment for your child to relax and have fun during the school holidays. Here they will do a number of different activities both educational and just for fun. This will keep them active both mentally and physically and enable them to learn new things. As well as this they will improve their social skills as there will be many other kids there also during the holiday period, some they might know and others who they might not. This will give them the chance to build new relationships with other children and form new friendships.

Our holiday childcare service covers kids ranging from primary 1 all the way through to primary 7 and the activities we do whether it is arts and crafts or physical play or any other activity will be tailored to suit your child age. We are also open from 7 am all the way through to 6 pm so you don’t have to worry about finishing work early or going in late you can drop them off before you start and pick them up when you finish working.

If you are in the East Midlands and our holiday care service is something you feel will take a weight off your mind and benefit your child then please do not hesitate to contact us where a member of our staff will answer any queries and look to get your child booked in.