Holiday Childcare Leicester

School holidays for the kids are most likely the favourite part of the school year. However, for the parents, this is a bit of a nightmare as, unless you are a school teacher yourself, the chances are you will still be working. This presents huge problems logistically for parents as they will need to arrange childcare and we all know how hard that can be. This is where Little Poppets can help with our holiday childcare service to the people in the Leicester area. Here you can drop your kids off in the morning before you go to work and collect them in the evening when work has finished.

At Little Poppets our holiday care is provided during every holiday every school holiday and here your child can come and relax and have fun interacting and socializing with other kids whether it is their friends from school or they are meeting new friends from their area. During the day they will do numerous pre-planned activities both fun and educational such as arts and crafts cooking as well as physical activities like sports. As well as this they will do educational things such as project work to keep them entertained and engage their brains.

This would take a weight off your mind when at work knowing that your child is in a safe, fun and learning environment. This would be of huge benefit to your child as they could build relationships with new kids who they might not get to socialize with at school and also they could learn new hobbies and skills. Our holiday childcare applies to everyone who is at school from primary 1 to primary 7.

If you are interested in the Leicester area and our holiday childcare service is something you are interested in then please get in contact with a member of our team to secure your child’s spot or in you have any other question or would like to find out more then our staff will be happy to help you out.