Little Poppets Day Nursery Leicester

When it comes to your children, you’ll want them to have the very best start to their education. It is true that you could theoretically wait until primary school, but your child would miss out on some extra social development and a chance to learn some of the basics of writing and maths early. There is no such thing as being too prepared. The Little Poppets Day Nursery in Leicester can give your child that boost they need to thrive in their continuing educational journey. We believe that day nurseries can offer your child a ton of benefits, but this is only true if you choose a nursery that cares about the needs and development of your kid.

We know how it is, letting go of your child for longer periods of the day is difficult. If you’ve spent the majority of your time with your son or daughter, this disruption in routine can be extremely difficult to get used to. That’s why we would suggest a day nursery. It gives you and your child that extra time to get used to a new routine in which you aren’t together throughout the entirety of a day. The transition to full-time education will be significantly easier and less stressful for both parties. The Little Poppets Day Nursery in Leicester can help your child achieve this smooth progression from being at home all the time to going into new environments without their parents.

While we have no doubt that your child will miss your company, we will fill their time with us exciting activities and play. They’ll be kept so entertained, that time will fly by. Best of all, these activities will help them develop key skills and progress socially. During their time with us at Little Poppets Day Nursery in Leicester, your child will interact and play with other children and new adults. This simple act alone will make them feel so much more prepared for school. Our team of qualified and experienced staff offers a play-based curriculum; meaning that children will learn as they play.

Little Poppets Day Nursery in Leicester has been offering fantastic childcare since 1989. You can trust us to not only look after your child but ensure that they take skills with them that will help them throughout their educational careers. Our nursery is open between 7 am and 6 pm, giving you plenty of time in which to find an appropriate session that will suit you and your child’s routine. For more information, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be delighted to help.