Little Poppets Day Nursery Leicestershire


Getting their kids prepared to start school is a worry for a lot of parents. Lots of things will go through your mind like how will they cope being away from you for the day? Will they integrate and form friendships with other classmates? Here at Little Poppets, we can help you out, our day nursery in Leicestershire is the perfect place to get your child prepared for starting school.

The day nursery gives you and your child a chance to spend time apart in preparation for starting school. We understand that this will be difficult especially if you are spending the majority of time with your child however, this gives you the extra time to get used to this new routine and will make the transition into primary school a whole lot easier.

As well as spending time away from you your child’s day will be packed full of fun activities taking their mind off the fact that they are away from their parents. The social aspect is key also as being around other kids will help them improve their social skills and build relationships with other kids standing them in good stead for when the time comes to go to school where they will meet new friends and maybe even carry on the journey with some of their friends from nursery.

We are open between the house of 7am-6pm so there is plenty of options to choose the best slot to suit your child. Our friendly staff will be on hand to ensure your child has an enjoyable day as well as learning valuable skills to take forward with them throughout their educational journey. If you are in Leicestershire and would like to find out more or enquire about a slot for your chiled then please do not hesitate to contact us where one of our staff will be delighted to help.