Little Poppets Day Nursery

Although it can be a scary thought, by sending your child to nursery it can provide undeniable benefits for both you and your child. However, knowing what nursery is going to provide the best day care for your child can be very difficult. At Little Poppets Day Nursery, you can know that your child is in safe hands and that they will be happy at our nursery.

You may still be contemplating whether or not to start sending your child to a day nursery. If you are, then this article will help you to make your decision a bit easier! You can be assured that a day nursery such as Little Poppets Nursery can have a positive impact on your child’s development.

Preparing for school
By integrating with other children, your child will be more prepared for starting school. A recent study showed that children who spend three or more years in nursery education are more likely to form better relationships at primary school. Children will learn how to interact with one another and will greatly improve their social skills.

Attending a nursery can also encourage children to be more confident when interacting with adults and asking for help when they need it. Having a daily routine and understanding what is expected of them promotes a sense of structure to all children in preparation for school. Children will in turn have a good understanding of how to behave within a learning environment.

Developing social skills
Mixing with other children is an essential part of any child’s development. At Little Poppets day nursery, children are encouraged to engage with other children and play nicely with one another. Being at nursery teaches children to share and play fairly. Children will become more socially aware of other people’s feelings and will learn how to act in different situations.

Helping you!

At Little Poppets day nursery, we understand that life as a parent can be rather hectic and stressful at times. Trying to juggle that work-life balance can be exhausting and can often effect your quality time with your children. A day nursery such as Little Poppets Nursery can help to relieve some of the stress of parent life, making parents feel more rested and relaxed.

The team at Little Poppets Nursery are committed to caring for your child, so that they feel happy each day. We have dealt with our fair share of tantrums and tears to know exactly how to deal with every individual child. Most importantly, we love what we do!

If you are interested in using Little Poppets Nursery services, then please give us a call or get in contact by filling out the online form. Similarly, you can give us a call to arrange a meeting to visit Little Poppets Day Nursery to gain an insight to how we work and the facilities that we provide.