Local Nurseries Leicester

kidsRus11If you have been looking for local nurseries in Leicester then you should come to Little Poppets. We are based in Leicester and have been caring for children since we were first established in 1989.

There are a lot of local nurseries in Leicester who just guess what healthy foods are for children. We are different from these nurseries in the sense that all of our meals have been put together with the help of a dietician. These meals are freshly prepared and are rotated on a 5 weekly basis.

We provide on going training to our staff and offer day release for our staff to attend courses in Leicester. This allows them to further their development and helps them to further their understanding of quality childcare. Our staff members are also set fun and challenging targets to keep them motivated and to ultimately help them to reach the high standards of our nursery.

We have an outdoor area that has loads of play equipment, this allows for outdoor experiences which are fun, stimulating and educational within a safe environment. There are also fantastic gardens at our outdoor area.

For more details on what we can offer to you and your child all you have to do is get in touch with us. We can then arrange for you to come in and we will talk to you about our childcare in greater depth. At this point you will also be able to ask us any questions that you may have.