Nurseries For Toddlers Leicester

Some parents look for nurseries in Leicester for their toddlers so that they get the chance to interact with other children of their age. Parents may feel that is it important that their children have the chance to make friends and form relationships with both other children and adults as well as learning in a stimulating environment.

At our nursery, Little Poppets, we cater for children from the age of 6 weeks up to 12 years old and all of our staff are caring, friendly and helpful so you can be certain that your children will be well looked after in our establishment.

There are many factors that parents in Leicester and all over for that matter may take into consideration when searching for nurseries for toddlers, these may include:

  • outdoor facilities – we have a large outdoor area and gardens which the children can make good use of and children are encouraged to learn both indoors and out through exploration and investigation
  • menus – our menus are put together with the help of a dietician to ensure that they are nutritious and healthy for the children in our care
  • opening hours – we are open from 7.15 am until 6.00 pm
  • number of children
  • the help available to parents for nursery costs – we have staff available who can speak to you about help available with the cost of childcare
  • the opportunities available such as activities


We understand that searching for nurseries in Leicester for toddlers or any children can be a hard task for any parent as they need to feel at ease and comfortable that their child is in good hands and being well looked after. We are proud to say that every child in our care is treated as an individual and is encouraged to develop well all round.

So, if you are searching for suitable nurseries for toddlers in Leicester then why not contact us today to arrange a viewing. Everyone will receive a warm welcome from us.