Nursery Leicester

Front Cover 1We are a nursery in Leicester who have been providing high quality childcare since establishment in 1989. Our nursery was set up through an appreciation of education and a desire to help children reach their full potential within an environment which is loving, safe and stimulating.

Our staff are trained to uphold the values of the nursery which are honesty, integrity, respect and reliability. Continuous professional development is also available to each of our staff members, this will keep them up to date with the latest research and legislative changes that relate to childcare. It will also allow them to further their development and help them to further their understanding of quality childcare. As well as training our staff are set fun and challenging targets to help them reach the high standards that are set by our nursery, this keeps our staff strong and motivated at all times.

At our nursery we have a large outdoor area and fantastic gardens. We have play equipment that is designed to help your child’s physical well being, fitness and confidence and all of the activities provided encourage exploration and investigation.

Good nutrition is not only important for keeping your child healthy but it also has an effect on behaviour. With this in mind we have created our menus with the help of a dietician and all of the meals we offer are freshly prepared and are rotated on a 5 weekly basis.

Parents in Leicester can receive help with the cost of childcare in a number of different ways, these include:

  • A free nursery education place – this is for children aged 3-4 years and consists of five 3 hour nursery sessions per week
  • Child tax credit – 9 out of 10 families are entitled to child tax credit regardless of whether or not they work
  • Working tax credit – this helps working parents with their childcare costs
  • Childcare vouchers –  this is from employers to help with nursery fees or a salary pre tax benefit


For more information about our nursery in Leicester all you have to do is give us a call.