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When it comes to giving your child the best start in their education, you cannot overstate the importance of a nursery. Not only is it a great source of childcare, but it can provide your child with all the tools they need to do well in school and beyond. It can be difficult to trust an organisation to look after your child, especially if it is the first time you are parting from them on a daily basis. Little Poppets provide a superb nursery school in Leicester that you can trust.

Why is Nursery School education important?

You may be thinking to yourself; why would I need to send my kids to a nursery when I could teach them the basics at home? Well, for starters, a nursery school is a place where children can learn more than just the basics of math and writing. They are in an environment in which some fundamental social development can be undertaken. Your child will be encouraged to interact with other children and adults in a safe environment. They’ll feel comfortable to explore and will be able to learn organically and in a fun way. Children have over a decade worth of formal education to ‘look forward to’, a nursery can get them into that routine without taking away that special element of fun. They can learn important skills, without feeling like a chore for them.

What benefits can it give my child in preparation for school?

A nursery school can give your child an edge over those who don’t attend. The biggest benefit would honestly be that they will settle into a formal education a lot easier. Starting primary school can be an anxious time for even the most outgoing of children, but if they’ve already been to a nursery and enjoy it, then the transition will be significantly easier. They’ll already be in the routine of leaving their parent or caregiver for periods of the day. So, the separation anxiety for both child and adult won’t be as intense. Your child will also be able to socialise with other children more easily as they’ve already done so in a similarly structured environment.

Additionally, as previously mentioned, a nursery school can give your child some of the fundamentals that they will need in preparation for school. Things like holding a pen correctly will be taught to your child and you’d be surprised at how much of an advantage simple skills like that will give your child.

Why should I choose Little Poppets?

Here at Little Poppets, we truly believe that we offer one of the best nursery schools in Leicester. We strive to offer your children a fantastic nursery level education, while still ensuring that their time with us is fun and enjoyable. Little Poppets Nursery School provides your children with a calm, safe and warm environment for them to learn and socialise. Since 1989, our motto has been; “learning with fun, giving service with care,” and this is something that remains at the heart of our organisation. We truly care about the needs of your child and will provide you with a fantastic daycare service that you can trust.

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Little Poppets Nursery School in Leicester is a great place of learning and social development. We pride ourself on our level service and care and we strive to give your child the best start that we can on their journey towards formal education. For more information on our day nursery, please feel free to get in contact with us via email at or via phone on 0116 243 4209.