Nursery School Leicester

Our nursery school was first established in 1989 and has been caring for children ever since.

It has been found that childcare can have an impact on the way that a child develops, with research showing that throughout a child’s life good quality childcare has had a positive and long lasting benefit for the child. We want the children to feel safe and happy at our nursery school in Leicester and have staff available who support and encourage children’s abilities.

Our nursery school has daily activities and routines planned for specific age groups, this is so that children are able to develop their confidence and self esteem. All the children at our nursery are also encouraged to learn through direct experience in an environment that is suitable thought provoking.

We have a large outdoor area that has play equipment designed to help children’s physical well being, fitness and confidence. As well as being able to provide play equipment to help with children’s physical being, fitness and confidence we also provide meals that will keep your child’s body healthy. All of our menus have been created with the help of a dietician and are freshly prepared and rotated on a 5 weekly basis so you can expect your children to be eating meals that give your child the nutrients that they need.

There is financial help available for parents who want their children to come to our nursery school in Leicester. The different ways that help is made available are:

  • There is a free nursery place – this consists of 3 hour nursery education sessions a week for all children who are aged between 3-4 years.
  • Child tax credit- 9 out of 10 families are entitled to child tax credit regardless of whether or not they work
  • Working tax credit – this helps working parents with the cost of childcare, we are able to provide further information on this on the helpline: 08453003900.
  • Students, lone parents and young mothers are also able to receive help with the costs of childcare
  • Childcare vouchers may be given from employers to help with nursery fees or salary pre tax benefit


We recognise the importance of continuous development and improvement within our nursery school which is why we offer day release for our staff to attend courses at different venues in Leicester and provide on going training. By offering this training our staff are able to further their development which will help with their understanding of quality childcare. All of our staff will also be set fun and challenging targets that they have to reach, this keeps our staff strong and motivated and allows them to reach the high standards of our nursery school.

If you would like to find out more about our nursery in Leicester or you would like to enrol your child then just get in touch.