Ofsted Accredited Nursery Leicestershire

Choosing the perfect nursery for your child can seem like an impossible task. Not only do you need to let your child go for hours of the day, but you also need to be able to trust the people looking after them. The good news for parents is that there are regulations in place to make the process of looking for a good quality nursery significantly easier. Here in England, we have the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills to help keep your child safe. Ofsted carries out inspections and reports on various childcare facilities to determine whether they are providing an adequate service. Little Poppets is an Ofsted accredited nursery in Leicestershire that you can trust to deliver a fantastic service.

For those who aren’t in the know, the role of Ofsted is to regulate childcare services throughout the entirety of England. This encompasses private childcare services, nurseries, schools, academies and independent schools. Their role is to ensure that these social childcare services are suitable for children and that they are getting an exceptional education from said services. They are an impartial organization that reports directly to Parliament; consequently meaning that you can be sure that the reports they offer are accurate. It is worth looking at Ofsted reports when looking at potential nurseries and taking note of which nurseries don’t partake in the process. Little Poppets is an Ofsted accredited nursery in Leicestershire that your child will love.

You can check out of our Ofsted report for yourself. It can easily be found on the Ofsted website. However, we’re happy to offer you the highlights. According to our Ofsted report, we are ‘good’ in every area. Our staff present group activities with enthusiasm and work well with parents to improve the nursery in various areas. We improved greatly upon our last inspection, and we continue to strive to better our services. Little Poppets is an Ofsted accredited nursery in Leicestershire that wants to offer our clients the best start at an educational career.

Our Ofsted accredited nursery in Leicestershire offers a vibrant and friendly space for your child to start their educational career. For more information about our nursery or our afterschool club, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be delighted to help answer any queries. Additionally, you can find testimonials on our website.