Outstanding Nursery Leicester

about4Little Poppets Nursery has an outstanding reputation for providing first-class childcare and education. Providing a warm, stimulating, friendly atmosphere and a wide range of experiences, your child will be able to benefit from expert care by fully trained and experienced staff along with a carefully planned programme of activities that have been designed to meet the needs of each age group that we have within our nursery in Leicester.

Apart from being able to participate in activities, your child will be able to benefit from the companionship of other children and learn to work, play and cooperate with others beyond their family.

One of the reasons why we are known to be an outstanding nursery in Leicester is because our staff are highly skilled and provide the highest standard of childcare. Our staff members will monitor your child’s progress and development during their time at our nursery and you’ll be fully informed of your child’s achievements as they progress.

We believe that good nutrition is vital when it comes to offering childcare which is why we have taken the time to seek help from a dietician when we were putting together our menus. This ensures that all of the meals that your child will be receiving from us will be fresh and will have the nutrients that your child needs.

We have play equipment at our large outdoor area where the children can play freely. The play equipment will not only stimulate the children but it’ll also help their physical well-being and give them the chance to interact with other children which is important for any child regardless of their age.

If you would like to register your child at an outstanding nursery in Leicester and you’re interested in the care that Little Poppets Nursery can offer then just give us a call today on 0116 243 4209.