Private Day Nurseries East Midlands

kidsRus11There are loads of private day nurseries in East Midlands that you can put your child into so why choose Little Poppets Nursery?

Well here at Little Poppets Nursery we recognise that parents need to feel confident and comfortable with leaving their child in the care of others. This is why we pride ourselves in being able to provide a calm, secure and stimulating learning environment where each child in our care has the chance to develop themselves socially, intelligently, physically and educationally at their own pace.

We plan daily activities and routines for the different age groups so that each child in our care can develop both their confidence and their self esteem.

Our staff are offered day release to attend different courses in East Midlands and have ongoing training whilst they’re at our nursery. This allows them to further their development and their understanding of quality childcare and what it is. Our staff also have challenging targets which keeps them motivated and ultimately helps them to reach the high standards that we set at our nursery.

Good nutrition is important when it comes to keeping a child’s body healthy. With nutrition in mind, we’ve put together our menus with the help of a dietician – this is something that you’ll struggle to find with other private day nurseries in the area. All of the meals provided are also cooked fresh and are rotated on a 5 weekly basis too.

There is a large outdoor area at our nursery that has loads of play equipment your child can use. The play equipment that’s provided has been specifically picked because it can help your child’s physical well being, fitness and confidence.

If you are considering Little Poppets Nursery along with other private day nurseries in East Midlands then you should come down to our nursery and take a look at what we can offer to your child. Just give us a call on 0116 243 4209 to arrange a suitable time.