Private Nursery Leicester

Have you been looking for a private nursery that is based in Leicester? If so then you should come and take a look at Little Poppets. At our private nursery we have a variety of different age groups that ages from 6 weeks-12 years.

Typically the different groups that we have at our nursery are as follows: babies, toddlers, early years and kidz klub. Toddlers who are enrolled in our nursery in Leicester are just starting to develop independence and communication skills. With a stimulating environment such as ourselves we can help develop their skills and abilities.

With the early years who come to us each child is supported and encouraged to develop at their own pace. As well as helping children build on their confidence we also aim to build on their social and academic skills. We do this through an environment that is fun but that is also educational.

An example of how we would do this is through a range of different activities that we have planned. People in Leicester who are looking for a private nursery who are considering using Little Poppets are encouraged to contact us to find out more. If you are in the position were you would like to find out more about our nursery then all you need to do is come to us with any questions that you might have.

Once we have answered these questions the best that we can you can decide whether or not that you feel that your child is suited to an environment such as ours.