Private Nursery Schools East Midlands

kidsRus11There are quite a lot of private nursery schools in East Midlands to choose from but it’s important that you are enrolling your child in one that can offer a high standard of childcare. After all, childcare has shown to have an impact on the way that a child develops in later life so you want to make sure that you’ve selected the right nursery for your child.

Little Poppets Nursery is a private nursery school situated in East Midlands that was first opened in 1989.

Here at Little Poppets Nursery, our aim is simple – to achieve the highest quality day care provision for children and their families, enabling each individual child to develop to their full potential within a safe, caring and happy environment.

We provide a homely environment where we understand the needs of each individual child. Children will be encouraged to explore and learn during their time with us and we take a flexible approach to planning activities; enabling their learning experiences to be adapted and extended.

All of the children who come to Little Poppets Nursery will be offered a nutritious well balanced diet. To ensure that the meals are giving children the proper nutrients we decided to put our menus together with the help of a dietician. Mealtimes are relaxed and sociable, promoting healthy eating.

When it comes to our staff members, our dedicated team have vast knowledge and experience. Our staff are set fun targets that they have to meet and regularly attend training days in East Midlands to enhance their skills. If/when you bring your child to us you will find that our team are committed to developing the values of the nursery and furthering all of the children’s development.

We have a beautiful outdoor area where children will be able to enjoy playing on chutes and various other equipment that we have. Not only will your child love it but it’ll ensure that they are staying physically active.

If you are interested in the nursery places that we have here at our private nursery school then get in touch with us today. Simply give us a call on 0116 243 4209 or you can send us an email at: