Summer Holiday Childcare Leicestershire

Nowadays, things have changed, no more are the days where the majority of wives stay at home and watch the kids whilst their husbands go out to work. In these modern times, you will typically find that both parents are working leaving the kids to go to school or nursery. However, during the summer holidays, this presents a problem with kids having over a month off school the big question is who is going to look after them? Here at Little Poppets, we can help ease your problem with our Summer holiday childcare service for families in the Leicestershire area.

Here at Little Poppets we can provide childcare from morning until evening where your child will be in a fun and welcoming environment. We provide them with different activities such as arts and crafts, outdoor play as well as taking the kids swimming and many more different activities. Here your child will have fun and be able to interact with kids around the same age as them.

Our opening hours are between 7.15 am and 6 pm and we take children as young as 6 months all the way up to 12 years old so if you feel you and your child would benefit from our summer holiday childcare service then feel free to contact us where a member of our staff will be delighted to hear from you.